Mediation is an excellent way to resolve a family law case where both parties are willing to negotiate with each other toward a compromise. Depending on the level of conflict between the parties and the level of complexity in the case, mediation can be done with or without both parties hiring their own attorney.

Either option is much less expensive and stressful than going through motions and trial.  For either option, it is best to have a mediator who is experienced with family law so the mediator can advise both parties on the likely outcome of trial and can empower the parties to reach an agreement that will be upheld by the Court.

Mindy Carr is trained in mediation as well as collaborative divorce, and can assist clients to reach durable agreements through mediation – as an attorney for one party or as a mediator between two parties who agree to pursue mediation without attorneys.

Call or email Mindy to discuss which option is best for you and your family.