Excellent Seattle Family Law Attorney for high conflict, complex parenting plan matters.

After going through one of the most difficult 16 months of my life I can honestly say I made the absolute best choice in hiring Mindy Carr. Mindy was calm, empathetic, direct and tough. I had a very complex, highly litigated divorce and Mindy was steadfast in her focus on helping me navigate an incredibly emotional and difficult process. She provided excellent counsel which included some tough reality checks as needed to keep me focused on the right things. She was a great advocate for me when it came time to fight for what was fair for me and my children. She was also very helpful in making sure I understood all aspects of my case. I would not hesitate recommending Mindy to anyone who is looking for an attorney skilled in both collaborative or highly litigated scenarios. Thank you Mindy!

Mindy is truly an amazing human and lawyer. 

I had a very difficult case as my ex-husband (who I had been divorced from for 10 years) who is a bully, clearly has clinical behavioral issues, and is an alcoholic who is not truthful and believes in trying to do what is right for him only, not my children. Mindy was direct and honest with me, took care of my anxiety with the situation and also squashed my ex through communication with his lawyer and full understanding of my rights and the legal system. She is kind, professional, smart, trustworthy and I would use her again and again. Although our circumstances were difficult and I did not issue the petition, I feel like we won in the end! Many thanks Mindy!

Highly Recommend!

Mindy represented me in a low-conflict divorce case. She worked efficiently and was an excellent advocate, helping me to quickly navigate a tricky property settlement agreement. She communicated clearly and directly with all parties and maintained a low-conflict atmosphere while also being a fierce advocate. She was excellent at assessing the opposing council’s agendas and limitations and adroitly positioned us to get an excellent result in the settlement. I appreciated her attention to detail and also how she was very mindful of keeping costs low. She’s easy to talk to and quick to respond to questions. When communicating with my ex-husband’s attorney, Mindy was no-nonsense, no drama–just total competence and professionalism. I would highly recommend Mindy to anyone for any case, no matter how complicated or seemingly straightforward it might be. Even a straightforward case can get complicated quickly, and having a lawyer like Mindy on your side will help ensure that your needs are advocated for and that you end your case in the best position possible.

Thorough, hard-working, high-quality.

Mindy’s help these past couple years has been invaluable. The high-quality work she has done for me has consistently been reflective of her legal knowledge, passion for what she does, and commitment to helping her clients during challenging situations. She makes it a point to best understand your situation, explains case-relevant laws and legal proceedings, and informs you about the varying possibilities and outcomes that could result in court or arbitration. I have always felt she has had the best interest of me and my child in mind, and that she makes it a point to provide clarity and be mindful about the advice she gives. She thoroughly examines information, dissects/corrects inconsistencies, pays attention to timeliness, and attentively listens to concerns. The legal profession is fortunate to have someone as dedicated to excellence as she is, and I have felt equally as fortunate to have had her as my lawyer.

Best lawyer in Snohomish county!

I have a VERY high conflict parentage case with my ex. I had consulted with many attorneys prior to speaking with Mindy. All of which stated that they did not feel like they were capable of handling my case. Until Mindy. She was right on my case within an hour! She spent endless nights and even weekends to review my case and represented not just myself in court, but always had my child’s best interest at hand. She is VERY thorough and VERY efficient with her time and billing. She is immensely compassionate about the families she represents and is very involved in trying to help the entire “family dynamic” even in high conflict cases. Her entire team are total rockstars and know the laws like the back of their hands. She is very well and soft spoken, yet very “go getter” attitude and will stop at nothing to seek justice. She had even offered to mediate with my ex and help him understand court rules, documents etc. I would recommend her to ANYONE in a heartbeat.

Amazing choice for dads during divorce:

Mindy was the 4th attorney to take on my divorce and first to actually get the job DONE. She accurately estimated time, risks involved and amount of cost was always in the ballpark she said it would be. She was incredibly great to work with and resolved my case with a fair outcome through mediation.

Greatest Decision I ever made!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

I am SO HAPPY I chose Mindy. She is very caring and very knowledgeable! She worked her butt off on my case. I know without her I wouldn’t have my kids today! She is very attentive! Did an amazing job! I couldn’t be happier!

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Supportive and sensitive to DV case issues:

Ms. Carr represented me through the initial stages of a dissolution case in which there were issues of domestic violence. She demonstrated sensitivity to these issues and took my concerns seriously. She brought many ideas to the table which I previously had not considered. The result was that I got the protections I wanted in place for myself and my children. Ms. Carr had my best interests at heart, which was exactly what I needed to get through a very difficult situation.